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In the fields of energy, water, food, and health, Innovation-T offers innovative technology solutions. All around the world, these four necessities of life are produced using inefficient, wasteful, and unsustainable practices.

Every client has unique needs, and our staff works closely with them to develop tailor-made solutions. The recent worldwide pandemic is just the latest example of the urgent need for the various technologies that our firm is developing.

Innovation-T changes that – dramatically.



Energy Efficiency Consultation

At Innovation-T, we understand the importance ENERGY plays in daily life.  We pride ourselves in identifying, partnering and distributing the latest technologies which will have a positive impact on the environment and provide the end-user with a technological advanced solution which solves multiple needs. Innovation-T provides Energy Gensets for applications ranging from Gigawatts/Megawatts for large-scale commercial use, to Kilowatts for small commercial and residential use. The combination of advanced technologies produces highly scalable, efficient and reliable energy production.


Innovation-T provides a unique solution for purification and desalination of water used for agriculture. Through controlled introduction of negative ions in wells and pumping water, the technology separates contaminants and salt while improving the osmotic transfer of water to plants. This increases crop yields 6x-10x and less maintenance on the infrastructure.

Covid 19

Working with a number of advanced engineering company's, Innovation-T is bringing to market advanced air purification systems to provide a pathogen-free interior environment solution.  The technologies are effective at killing the most prevalent airborne and surface pathogens including: 


Anthrax, C-difficile, Coronaviruses, Ebola, Influenzas, Legionella, Salmonella, Mildew, Mold, MRSA and Zoonotic diseases;


Working with US based environmental solution providers, Innovation-T presents natural soil additives which enrich your soil naturally to increase crop yield, enhance our food supply with more nutritious crops with a longer shelf life and provide an all-natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.  

Specifically in greenhouse growing operaterations, our customers have been seeing 30% minimum higher yield on all plants including more vibrant and healthier plants overall including the size of the root ball. Additionally, customers have seen longer lasting plants including flowers, fruits, vegetables, hemp oil, etc.


All done with results beyond Organic



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