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Motor GeneratorsMultiple Gigawatts to 20 Kilowatts

Several technological advantages are present in our Magnetronics motor generators.  They provide high efficiency and ultra-low operating costs, the lowest cost per horsepower of any motor generator to date — and it is the least expensive and easiest to service.  The applications for our motors are endless from powerful 750MW hydro plant electricity generator type systems to electronic bicycles.

We are at the forefront of efficiency revolution, as virtually all industries seek higher efficiencies and cost savings by way of technology advances.  Our designs enable capture of the magnetic field reducing loss and increasing voltage and current.  This means—putting the same energy into movement of conventional generators, we make more useable electricity!

Micro Wind TurbinesUsable Electricity at 1.2 Mph – 67 Mph

Wind is the fastest growing renewable energy resource in the world and is about to become the lowest-cost energy in the world through our energy extraction technology.


Our designs and concepts combine innovations from a range of novel technologies and age-old physics to produce advanced Green Energy solutions.  Our technology harvests as much power from the kinetic energy in the wind as is possible. 

And one major advantage to our design: No Bird Kill

Battery StorageCharge Time = 30 Minutes

Our high—fault tolerable power storage cell system is based on Nickel—iron (NiFe) battery technology with a number of advancements and modifications. The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. It is an extremely robust battery which is tolerant of abuse, (overcharge, over—discharge, and short—circuiting) and can last a lifetime even if so treated.


The system can be continuously charged and is used in commercial power backup situations and lasts for many decades even in operations with high-vibration, high and low temperatures and other physical stress. Our NiFe PowerCell have no contaminants requiring special handling for hazardous materials.

Micro Wind Turbines General Specifications

Rotor Diameter:  Variable from 2’ to 50’

Standard Operational: -10 to 40 C (-13 to 122 F)

Survival Wind Speed:  50 m/s (110 mph)

Noise Performance: 30 – 35 db. At 30 m (100 ft.)

Rated Power:  3.3 MW

Rated Speed:  8 m/s (18 mph)

Cut-in Speed: 0.5 m/s (1.2 mph)

Cut-out Speed:  30 m/s (67 mph) 

Drive:  Electric, Brake: Electric 

Generator: Permanent Magnet

Direct Drive, Rated Power: 3 kW to 3.3 MW 

Max Power:  7.0 MW 

Battery Storage Attributes

Operating temp -60 degrees to +200 F

No limitation of “charge cycles”

Fast charge

No explosion even in short

No noxious chemicals

High tolerance to abuse

100% recovery of capacity 

Zero toxicity

Totally recyclable

No reverse polarity conditions

Large capacity — 600,000 Ah

4MW high-density in a single container

No required cooling

No rapid voltage discharge

No battery management system is required

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