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Rural and Suburban Vegetable & Fruit Production

At Scale

Innovation-T is entering into agreements with Food and Vertical Farm, community-based farm-to-table, vegetable and fruit production systems that increase the availability of food to local communities, restaurants and food distributors.

While Amazon (through Amazon-owned Whole Foods) and other are focusing on building mass-scale vertical farms for cities of 1 Million of more, there is a need to enable the same capabilities for suburban and rural communities to augment their food supplies. We are doing that. Our indoor/greenhouse vertical farms will produce chemical-free vegetables with farm-to-table supply chains for markets, restaurants, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

Environmental changes in coming years could cause both widespread power and food disruption, limiting the availability of food in regions around the world. By producing and implementing relatively low-cost indoor farms that will operate year-round.

Bundled Solutions

The combination of our Energy  and Water solutions are a perfect complement to vertical farms.  Electricity production can be entirely off-grid, if desired, and well water can be purified and desalinated for enhanced crop growth. In addition, Innovation-T is working with companies to integrate proprietary, chemical and GMO-Free nutrients, nutrient delivery and seed treatments for additional enhanced crop yields.

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