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At Innovation-T, we understand the importance ENERGY plays in daily life.  We pride ourselves in identifying, partnering and distributing the latest technologies which will have a positive impact on the environment and provide the end-user with a technologically advanced solution which solves multiple needs.

Power Generation and Storage – Multiple Gigawatts to 25 Kilowatts

Whether you are trying to power your home, a one million square foot office building or a community, our advanced power generation systems solutions are designed to power your property using a combination of magnetronics motor generators, solar and high—fault tolerant power storage cell systems which can generate anything from 25 kilowatts to multi gigawatts of power. The systems are designed to accommodate customers needs.

The magnetronics motor generators provide high efficiency and ultra-low operating costs, the lowest cost per horsepower of any motor generator to date — and it is the least expensive and easiest to service.  The applications for our motors are endless from powerful 750MW hydro plant electricity generator type systems to electronic bicycles.

While we are working with a number of battery solutions, we find the high—fault tolerant power storage cell systems based on Nickel—iron (NiFe) battery technology has a number of advancements and modifications which make it standout. The active materials are held in nickel-plated steel tubes or perforated pockets. It is an extremely robust battery which is tolerant of abuse, (overcharge, over—discharge, and short—circuiting) and can last a lifetime even if so treated.

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