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Agriculture Water Purification and Desalination 

6x-10x Crop Yield, Longer Well Life

Innovation-T provides a unique solution for purification and desalination of water used for agriculture irrigation. Through controlled introduction of negative ions in wells and pumping water, the technology separates contaminants and salt while improving the osmotic transfer of water to plants. This increases crop yields 6x-10x.

Why Introduce Negative Ions to Low Saline Ground Water for Irrigation?

To enable the physical, chemical and biological properties of water to work together in such a manner that more water molecules are available to irrigated plants because the negative ions make hydrogen bonds between water molecules stronger with less impurities and increases surface tension, adhesion, cohesion and plant up take by osmosis.

Hydrogen bonding explains many of the properties of water, such as solvent action, but at higher induced negative charges, solubility in water declines. The additional negative ions to displace the cations (salts) in low saline irrigation water such that the osmotic pressure in the plants would be greater (by being higher in plant tissues) supporting more transpiration, and allowing the irrigation water with nutrients to be adsorbed faster by root hairs and siphoned into plant tissues and out the leaves. 

In arid regions, this available water stimulates faster seed germination due to water uptake by the seeds and more plant growth, abundance and distribution.

Mass-Scale Production

10,000 Units Per Month

As part of Innovation-T's capitalization, is to develop mass-scale production facilities for existing designs along with R&D facilities for refinement of new designs. These low-cost units require little power, last years and require no installation expertise.

Water - Untreated vs. Treated Adjacent Plots

80 Days Growth.

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