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A Pathogen-Free Interior Environment Technology Solution
Creating a Healthy Environment for Prisoners and Officers


Innovation-T in partnership with our environmental solutions provider CleanStrike LLC, are excited to present  Purus Air, a pathogen-free interior environment technology solution, which has become a critical necessity for any law enforcement agency to implement today to provide employees, inmates, and visitors with a safe and healthy environment.  

-  Totally Dry & No Wipe Down!

-  All Natural Solution.  Department personnel no longer have to breath harmful chemicals that spray & wipe disinfectants produce.

-  Technology meets qualifications needed to utilize Cares Act / Covid Relief Type Funds.

-  Purchase or Lease options.

Check out this video on CleanStrike's Purus Air's pathogen killer:

Purus Air Floor Model

PURUS Air Backpack Unit View 3.jpg

Purus Air Backpack Model


Purus Air Industrial Model

Check out this video on CleanStrike's Purus Air's pathogen killer:

•.  Up to 99.999% (5-log kill) effective at killing the most prevalent airborne and surface pathogens including: anthrax, C-difficile, coronaviruses, Ebola, influenzas, Legionella, salmonella, mildew, mold, MRSA and zoonotic diseases.

•. A safe, all-natural micro-aerosol dry fog technology that kills viruses, bacteria and spores in the air and on surfaces, quickly and without leaving a surface film or affecting electronic devices. 

•.The Purus Air system solution’s active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid  (“HOCI”), a molecule naturally produced within the human immune system and has long been used as a powerful liquid disinfectant. The Purus Air’s patent-pending nebulizer converts the Purus Air’s HOCI solution into a high volume of 5 micron-sized aerosol particles. This micro-aerosol technology makes the application feel dry compared to the wet application of traditional foggers. 

•.  The EPA has approved the use of HOCI for use on skin, food and produce and is on the N-list for COVID-19. It requires no extensive training or certification and is easily deployed without site preparation. 

•.  The aerosol particles are dispersed throughout the room killing bacteria, viruses, and mold spores instantly upon contact in the air and on all surfaces. The microscopic HOCI particles remain suspended in the air flow, providing additional disinfecting protection. The Purus Air micro-aerosol dry fog technology allows a standard 20’ x 20’ room to be disinfected and ready for use in 30 minutes, a fraction of the time needed to turnaround a room by other methods. 


•.  The Purus Air iPhone and Android app is included with the Purus Air models. The Purus Air app provides maps and documentation for better treatment protocol compliance: records air and surface bacteria tests before and after application, how much was applied, who applied it, when and where.  Purus Air app eliminates manual record keeping and standardizes reporting to reduce risk of liabilities. First year of Purus Air app subscription and warranty is included with your purchase. Additional years of warranty and app subscription may be purchased separately from distributor. 

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